We are an international company producing components for bicycles.

Closer to Nature, Closer to People

Shimano Czech Republic, Ltd.

Shimano je is a world producer of cycling components, fishing equipment and other sporting accessories.

Our company’s fun­damental strategy is to be a company, which creates values. Our strengths include the ability to come up with innovative ideas, the ability to implement these ideas and then to produce them with the aid of state-of-the-art technology. We are continuously trying to develop new, high-quality, attractive products. The building of the MTC – Manufacturing Technology Center in Osaka), which serves for the exchange of technological information between individual plants and the development of new products, is proof of this. The Shimano team has over 90 years of success under its belt. Currently, the Shimano team is made up of 12967 employees in over 25 countries worldwide.

Shimano Czech Republic, Ltd. was established on March 13th, 2001 in Karviná. In the first phase of our existence, we were an assembly plant for cycling components, which completed products from parts produced in Japan, Singapore, and Italy. In 2003, the building of the second phase of the factory was completed. Primary engineering production was also simultaneously launched at this time. In 2004, we began with cold pressing technology at the rented premises in Ostrava-Kunčice. The core of our production lies in machining, refining metal and other activities preceding final assembly.

Currently, over 500 employees work at Shimano Czech Republic, Ltd.

Our company is open to graduates – primarily graduates of technological fields, especially engineers and electrical technicians can apply their skills and knowledge here. Every employee can expect the stable base of an international company, the opportunity to familiarize oneself with unique know – how and last but not least, the opportunity of continuous learning.

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